Humble Pie

March 12, 2008
Time : 6:06 PM

"I've been kicked, I've been hit. But it didn't hurt a little bit."

H umble Pie were a rock, rhythm and blues band from England and were one of the first supergroups of the 1970s.

The original band line-up featured Steve Marriott (former lead singer, songwriter and lead guitarist of Small Faces), Peter Frampton (former lead singer and guitarist of The Herd), Greg Ridley (former bass guitarist of Spooky Tooth) and seventeen-year-old drummer Jerry Shirley.

Although successful in America, as a band, they remained much loved in Britain, They are best remembered for their dynamic live concert performances in the early 1970s and songs such as "30 Days in the Hole" and "I Don't Need No Doctor".

Because the members had all previously played in high-profile groups, many viewed Humble Pie as a "supergroup," although the band loathed the term and the expectations that came with it.

"Fool For A Pretty Face"

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Blue Oyster Cult

March 7, 2008
Time : 7:03 PM

"So if you really wanna do it, you better do it hot."

B lue Öyster Cult is an American rock band formed in New York in 1967 and still active in 2008. The group is probably best known for three songs: The 1976 single "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" from the album Agents of Fortune, the 1981 single "Burnin' for You" from the album Fire of Unknown Origin, and "Godzilla" (1977) from Spectres.

The band is a pioneer in heavy metal music both for its hard-edged musical assault and its use of sci-fi and occult imagery.

"Dr. Music"

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Walter Egan

February 27, 2008
Time : 3:15 PM

"With you I'm not shy, to show the way I feel."

W alter is a musician, singer, composer, writer, artist, sculptor and general Renaissance man who is most widely known for his 1978 million-selling single record, "Magnet and Steel," featured on his album Not Shy (Columbia).

Almost three decades later, Walter's signature song is a staple on the radio, and can also be heard in feature films and on television. Meanwhile, he has continued to make original music as both a prolific individual artist, with a total of eight solo CDs to his credit, and as a member of performing and recording bands including the Malibooz and the Brooklyn Cowboys.

"Magnet & Steel"

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February 23, 2008
Time : 11:07 AM

"Wake up, you're still asleep..ahh you're dreaming too much. Imaginary lovers can't be touched."

LeRoux was a pop band founded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that saw its heyday from 1978-1983. Their biggest hits were "Take A Ride On A Riverboat" with its 4-part a capella intro, the 1978 hit song "New Orleans Ladies", the 1982 hits "Nobody Said It Was Easy" and "Addicted", and the 1983 hit "Carrie's Gone". Their music, though pop-oriented, combined many elements such as funk, R&B, Dixieland jazz, rock, and some Cajun-flavoring, thus defying a pigeonhole into one definable category like many other diverse Louisiana artists, common to an area known for its many musical influences and tastes.

In 1981 they signed with RCA, and issued their 5th LP, Last Safe Place which was their highest charting album and included their only Top 20 charting single, "Nobody Said It Was Easy."

I've decided to post the only that truly rocked, though!

"Let me be your Fantasy"

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Carolyn Mas

February 19, 2008
Time : 8:22 PM

"He's got the girls in the neighborhood, in the backseat of his car."

Released in 1980, Carolyn shows future chick-rockers, like Joan Jett, how it's done!

Due to the record label moving from Chicago to New York, they spent little to no money on promoting this single, which was unfortunate.

"He's So Cool"

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February 18, 2008
Time : 8:05 PM

"Papa says it's a bitch to recognize it."

Touch were a rock band from New York City formed in 1978. Members included Mark Mangold (songwriter and keyboards) and Glen Kithcart (drums), both who had previously been in the band American Tears (releasing three albums on Columbia Records).

Their single, "Don't You Know What Love Is" only reached #69 on the Billboard Hot 100. However, the song was played heavily on AOR radio stations in the USA at the end of the 1970s, and reached the #1 spot on the Melody Maker chart in Great Britain.

Touch were the first band to play at the inaugural Monsters of Rock festival at Castle Donington racetrack in 1980. Rumour has it that a member of Touch swallowed a bee while performing onstage. A live version of "Don't You Know What Love Is" appeared on a compilation LP simply called Monsters of Rock, documenting performances at the festival.

"Don't You Know What Love Is"

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The Knack

February 16, 2008
Time : 4:37 PM

"but the flesh is on the bone and she ain't giving you a bite."

The Knack are a Los Angeles-based rock band that rose to fame with their first single, "My Sharona", an international hit in 1979 . The power pop of "My Sharona", coupled with the band's "retro" 1970s new wave look, earned the band comparisons to the early Beatles. Many music critics of the era disliked disco, which dominated the music industry at the time, and were, at best, coolly receptive to other developing genres like punk rock, hip hop and heavy metal music. The Knack's power pop and hard rock influences earned them some critical credibility. They were also vilified by some critics for their misogynistic lyrics.


"Baby Talks Dirty"

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